Getting Started at CrossFit MHF

"I have been wanting to try CrossFit, but I don't know how to start!"

1) Start here! Press Play...

2) Your first class is FREE!

Come by for one of the following class times*:

Monday - 6:30pm

Saturday 9:00am

*We ask that athletes arrive about ten minutes prior to class times to fill out our "New Athlete Information and Waiver".

Please check our "Location" page for map and directions.

3) Elements Program

WHO: This program is truly for everyone, regardless of fitness level!! The Elements Program is a mandatory class for all new members in order to safely learn the movements used in our CrossFit Program. This will build the foundation for safety and proper technique for each skill.

WHAT: In our Elements program (consisting of 6 classes), you will learn the basics and emphasis will be placed on movement integrity and consistency before intensity. Expect to see performance increases as you progress and become more comfortable with the training. Those with more advanced athletic backgrounds will also benefit from the program due to the technical nature of many of the movements. Everyone will be training at their relative intensity, so your strength and fitness will improve no matter where you start!

WHEN: Currently, we schedule classes on an individual basis. Please call to set up your Elements program. Upon completion of our Elements program, you can immediately begin the full CrossFit programming at CrossFit MHF and drop into ANY of our scheduled classes!

PRICING: $200 for six classes. Must take all six classes, again this is for your safety and success with the skills. BUT, check out our "Specials"

4) Experienced CrossFitters

WHO: Experienced CrossFitters

WHAT: If you are already an experienced CrossFitter and are confident with the barbell, gymnastic, and auxiliary movements we use here at CrossFit MHF, you have the option to test out of Elements. Allow one hour for the test, which is purely practical.

WHEN: Please send us an email (, to set up a time for your test.

PRICING: We charge our normal personal training rate of $60/hour for our test-out process.

CrossFit MHF Pricing

$150 Per month for unlimited classes

$120 Per month for two classes per week

$240 Per month unlimited for couples with the same billing address

$15 Drop-in rate

20% off for Fire, Police, Military and Teachers with valid ID.