"MHF'ers' Sharpen Your Saw"

CrossFit MHF presents our in-house series of interactive informational modules, "MHF'ers' Sharpen Your Saw" !

Wanna Feel BETTER?

Wanna Move BETTER?

Wanna Perform BETTER?


If you wanna BE BETTER, you won't wanna miss these!!



SATURDAY, September 27th, 2014 @ 10:30am

At this "Sharpen Your Saw" we will be discussing the following:

  • How to eat in order to optimize performance
  • Foods that will hinder your performance
  • Which foods are best to aid in recovery/muscle building
  • Best practices to maintain/lose weight without sacrificing performance
  • What supplements are best to aid in recovery & performance
  • The importance of sleep for athletes

* * * SQUAT CLINIC!! * * *

SATURDAY, November 9th, 2013@8am

*Coaches will supply coffee 

  1. Are you squatting to depth? 
    (Hip crease below knee cap)
  2. Are you generating MASSIVE amounts of torque?
  3. Are your glutes pulling you out of the hole?(higher and tighter, right?!)
  4.  "Is this is deep enough?"  If not,
  • Is it a body awareness issue?
  • Is it a mobiity issues?

* * * ATTENTION - ALL MHFers  * * *

This clinic is all about being "BETTER", we will all improve our squat, AND will probably even help us look GOOD in Corduroy! Ideal form leads to good movement which allows you to build strength (SAFELY) and turns you into a CrossFit BA.

THIS clinic will get you BETTER. GUARANTEED.

 We are all heavy-weight hoisting, torque producin', high performance squatters! In this seminar, we will be:

  • Identifying good squatting mechanics, 
  • Finding and maintaining power positions,
  • Troubleshooting any mobility issues that prevent us from getting to the bottom while looking GOOD doing it!

Look at this picture. Awesome box jump, right?

Now look again.

This picture could very well be the bottom of a perfect air squat, right? Michelle is landing an Rx+ box jump AND she is in an AWESOME power position!

  • Knees pushed out past the foot midline (Not collapsing in on the arches of the feet)
  • Head in a neutral position
  • Chest up (not collapsed forward)
  • Spinal stability maintained (tight core)

Ponder that power position the next time you unload dishes from the bottom rack...Or, when you unload grocery bags from your auto....Or, when you pick up a kiddo to toss them in the air. (Hey, we CrossFit, it's a functional movement.)

 Is your chest up?

Are your knees turned out over midline of your foot?

Is your back flat?


We will turn good squat mechanics into child's play! 

Get your SQUAT on!!

*We are committed to making sure you all are moving safely and, of course, AWESOMELY! so if the body isn't cooperating and if good positioning eludes you at a given WOD, we may have you work drills and/or mobility instead of strength.

It all starts with ideal form.

* * *Massage, Mobility and Gluten Free Things!* * 

SATURDAY, August 17th, 2013@1030am-Noon


Marc from Mile Hygiene, ON SITE!!!! Time slots are in 15 minute intervals. Chat with Coach Patton to get your name on the sign up sheet. DO NOT WAIT! Marc is amazing and his time will be booked QUICKLY!!


"You GOTTA handle your business." Mobility is always a work in progress./ Your coaches are going to focus on some Mobility for some of the common "business" needs.


John from Gluten Free Things will be on site with some of his goodies! If you have had Gluten Free Things before, you already know. IF YOU HAVEN'T HAD THE PLEASURE OF TRYING GLUTEN FREE THINGS, you are in for a treat! (literally!)

* * * Nutrition 101!! * * *

SATURDAY, June 8th, 2013@11am

RD Lacey and Your Coaches are going to dish up some good info on getting better with your nutrition! Food is what it's ALL about!!

NOTE, this is NOT a "DIET" class.

We are going to go over better strategies and best practices to make you...

FEEL better....

MOVE better...

PERFORM better...

LIVE better...


Bring yourself and those you care about...

Let's all get healthier habits in place!!

Friends and Family are MORE than welcome at the 9am WOD and the Nutritional Seminar!!

* * * Back on Track for the New Year!! * * *

SATURDAY, December 29th, 2012@10:30am

We will be discussing the "Challenge" for the New Year with tips on how you get back on track with nutrition and training to BE BETTER! Hot points:

  • Formation of MHF Nutritional "support groups". So, if you need a little more accountability on that side of things, this is your opportunity to get set up with a group.
  • Beginning measurements will be taken to get baselines: blood pressure, body weight, circumference measurements and body fat/skin fold measurements.
  • A fitness test (Strength, Skill & Conditioning) will accompany this Challenge on Wed Jan 2.

This is going to be a fun way to get us all back on track, as well as see what kind of improvements we can make. I am really looking forward to it!



* * *Recovery 101* * *

SATURDAY, December 8th, 2012@10:30am

(Click HERE for class notes)

"I want to be stronger..."

"I want to be less sore..."

"I want more muscle mass..."

If you have ever asked these questions, your RECOVERY regiment (or lack there of) could be part of the answer.

  • Tools to help decrease soreness time
  • Nutritional tips to aid in recovery
  • Supplementation for recovery
  • Modalities and therapies to recover quicker and increase muscle mass/strength. If your goal is increased muscle mass or strength.. you NEED to attend! 

In the words of Coach Mack...

"If you want to be more awesome, BE THERE!"

* * *Mobility 101* * *

SATURDAY, September 22nd, 2012@10:30am

(Click HERE for class notes) 

Feeling a little tight?

Find it difficult to get into the correct position, comfortably?

This interactive hour will be covering some common MOBILITY issues and how to get the most out of your tissues.


* * *Nutrition 101* * *

SATURDAY, August 25th, 2012@10:30am