Brutally FUN!!

by E-Train

I am so very thankful my friend called me up one day and asked me to come try out a free "bootcamp" class 9 months ago!

I was in a fitness rut, I've always liked being active but the motivation was just not there! There was nothing I really enjoyed doing..going to the gym was a pain and I had convinced myself I would go for a run every day for weeks, and it never happened! I remember my first workout and seeing all the other people around me killing it and I couldn't breathe! Why did I like this so much? After that, I was hooked!!

Rachel is the most inspiring person and she is ALWAYS there for you! She knows just how and when to push you! She has the greatest attitude and you can tell she loves what she does!

Shawn is the best! He is always making everyone laugh and he pushes you above your comfort zone! He makes everything fun and he is a blast to have as a coach!

The workouts are challenging but it's nice to know.. you will SURVIVE and you have great support from everyone doing the WOD along side you! I remember one of the first workouts I did and I was the last one still trying to finish it everyone else was finished, but they all cheered me on and gave me that drive I needed to finish!

It means a lot to me to share my life with so many amazing people! I don't live close to MHF, but the drive is worth it to me because, I really can't see myself with any other people then the ones at MHF! They all inspire me to do things 9 months ago.. I was only dreaming I could do!!

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