by Lacey

I have always been an active person; playing sports throughout childhood, going to the rec center on a regular basis in college, then training for figure competitions in early adulthood. I have always considered myself in "good shape" but was not getting as much out of my workouts as I once had.

A year ago I had a life changing event and went through a divorce. I was sad, unmotivated, and just plain angry. I started coming to "bootcamp" classes which gave me the perfect and healthy outlet I needed to decompress. After the first class I was an "addict"! This was the change that I needed in my fitness regimen to keep me motivated and coming back for more. I started noticing a change in how I felt. The energy started coming back and I even felt better and stronger than I ever did when participating in figure competitions.

The coaches at MHF are AMAZING individuals. Rachel continues to push you to your limit - whatever that may be. She knows even better than you how far you can go. What's more motivating than hearing Shawn yell "GIT YOU SOME" before a workout!

The members of MHF are truly my second family!!! They stood by me and supported me through all of the rough times over the last year and continue to push me during the WOD. I love sweating and working next to each and everyone of them!

Thank you MHF for improving my life!!!

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